Solar Cooker

Cooking is an important part of our daily life. And is also one thing that takes up a huge part from our power bills. Using gas or electricity for cooking could surely make you pay more. But there’s one thing that can make solar alternative energy lessen these expenses, that is through solar cooking.

The sun offers the natural heat that we can use to cook our food. Even with just direct heat, it could take water to high temperature. But for cooking purposes an average home could make use of solar furnace. This device, also known a solar cooker, can elevate the temperature by concentrating the sun’s rays in a smaller area. This is nothing more but group of mirrors that redirects the sun into you pot.

This device is very practical as it doesn’t really need any additional device or any maintenance at all. And because it doesn’t require any fuel, it very much recommended with today’s increasing pollution and energy crises.

This application is very useful especially in areas where gas and electricity cannot reach or do have problems on supply. You don’t have any wires or anything, it simple enough to setup. All you need is to place the pot in the furnace where the heat is concentrated.

Another important thing about solar cooker is that it can be used to augment your solar heating system at home. This will be able to maximize the potential of solar heat even on a cloudy day. Because the sun is concentrated on smaller area you can same space for your application.

Outdoor campsite could also make use of solar cooker. Other than having a free source for cooking, it can also make you carry less for your backpack as it does not really need additional baggage for the fuel alone. And because it doesn’t require any fuel, using it all day long won’t be a problem either.

We all know how hot the sun could be and even for just a hundred days year that it could deliver the right amount of heat, you can save a lot of gas from solar cooker.